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Insulation is all about saving––saving you energy, saving you money, saving you comfort. At Day Energy Solutions, our home performance specialists have been working in Corvallis, Oregon homes to help insulate ducts, attics, floors, walls, and crawl spaces for years. There are no whole-home professionals who understand insulation as part of home weatherization better than we do. And don’t you want the most experienced and knowledgeable experts answering your questions and working in your home?

If you’re contemplating insulating your home––replacing old insulation, adding to what’s already present, or installing for new construction––you need to talk to our specialists. We know the most effective methods for ensuring your job is done right the first time to optimize energy savings and home comfort. Air leakage just doesn’t happen, because our team is thorough.

Call us today at 503-363-2194 to talk with us about your insulation ideas. We’d be happy to come out and perform a complimentary site assessment. This allows us to ascertain comprehensive information about your home and your project, supplying us with an accurate overview and blueprint of the situation. So call today and let’s talk.

Air Sealing

Ideally you want your home to have the proper airflow or ventilation from outdoor air to indoor air and vice versa. This makes for good indoor air quality (IAQ), combustion safety, energy efficiency, and proper moisture mitigation. Unfortunately there are many homes in the Corvallis, Oregon area that have unbalanced air exchange, creating problems for the homes. At Day Energy Solutions, our air-sealing experts can assess your home to be sure all facets in your home are working harmoniously for a perfect balance.

The two primary scenarios our highly qualified technicians survey are excessive and inadequate air leakage. Both incidents have negative consequences for you and your home. With excessive leakage, you will find higher energy bills, poor IAQ, and uneven temperatures throughout your home. With inadequate leakage, you will have mold growth, poor IAQ, and safety concerns.

To determine if your home is affected by one of these conditions, our specialists will test your home using a blower door test combined with a few house-specific calculations. The results of these thorough analyses will pinpoint your leakage rates and sources. From there you and our team can move forward, designing and implementing the best plan to create proper IAQ and ventilation in your home.

Our specialists would love to talk to you. Give us a call at 503-363-2194 to arrange a time for us to come out to your home. Your home will be better for it.

Duct Sealing

Most homes in Corvallis, Oregon with ductwork have duct leaks. How do you know if you have ductwork? If you have a traditional furnace, heat pump, or air conditioner, you have ductwork. Ducts are what distribute your home’s warm and cool air throughout your home. Next, how do you know if you have leaks? To know definitively, you would need professionals like ours at Day Energy Solutions to come to your home to assess your ductwork. But if your home’s energy bills keep climbing or your home has hot or cold spots throughout, there’s a pretty good chance your ducts are leaking and need sealing. Statistically, up to 30 percent of your home’s warm and/or cool air is lost through leaks, poorly connected ducts, and holes. This equates to literally throwing money out one of your windows.

There’s an entire host of benefits to sealing your ducts. Some of the most pronounced advantages you’ll notice are improved comfort within your home, better indoor air quality, maximized safety, increased energy and cost savings, and enlarged environmental protection. All of these benefits are tangible where you’ll see the improved results not long after our experts have sealed your ducts.

Our technicians have the experience and knowledge to perform the highest quality work in your home. Call us today at 503-363-2194 to schedule our professionals to assess your ductwork. We’ll help you improve your home and your bank account.

Residential Blower Door Testing

Blower door testing is an integral part of air-sealing and ventilation determination for your home. We utilize calibrated blower door testing as an accurate assessment to help our Day Energy Solutions professionals gauge air leakage rates and to identify leakage sources. In other words, we’re checking for your home’s airtightness. Here in Corvallis, Oregon this is one of the first steps we take as we conduct the analysis of your home.

This diagnostic testing allows our certified technicians to identify where you’re losing energy, thus money. The test results also allow our team to assemble a plan helping you to avoid or get rid of other issues that can arise from poor air sealing and ventilation. A couple of the larger issues our professionals commonly see are uncomfortable drafts from outdoor cold air leaking in and moisture-condensation problems. Blower door testing also assists the team in determining how much mechanical ventilation your home may need to maintain good indoor air quality (IAQ).

Once our knowledgeable technicians have the test results and have made their highly accurate calculations, they’ll provide you with a comprehensive plan of action for your home. The team will go over your options in detail with you that will address your home’s issues, helping you to select the optimum course for your home and budget.

Call us today at 503-363-2194 to schedule your blower door testing.

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