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Q: What does weatherization mean?
A: Weatherization is the process of modifying a home in order to save energy. The goal is to increase the energy efficiency, safety and comfort in the home by eliminating drafts, ensuring proper levels of insulation in attic walls, floors, water heater pipes and furnace ducts.

Q: Will weatherizing my home increase its marketability?
A: Both marketability and resale value may increase depending on the work performed.

Q: Why is weatherization important?
A: Weatherization services will seal up drafts to prevent heat loss, insulate your home, save energy dollars, increase your comfort, and make your home safer.

Q: Will weatherization help with high utility bills and energy waste?
A: Yes! High utility bills can indicate that your home is not as efficient as it could be and is wasting precious energy. Utility costs are reduced by addressing the inefficiencies of your home, often through:

  • Air Sealing
  • Floor Insulation
  • Attic Insulation
  • Wall Insulation
  • Duct Sealing
  • Securing Spaces Against Damaging Pests
  • High Efficiency Heating & Cooling Equipment

Q: Can home weatherization help increase our home comfort?
A: Absolutely! Comfort issues like cold floors, drafty rooms, inconsistent room temperature and poor indoor air quality can often be eliminated by retrofitting: air & duct sealing, attic and basement insulation, heating and cooling equipment, insulation and upgrading windows and doors.

Q: Are there environmental benefits to increasing our home's efficiency?
A: Of course. Any effort a homeowner takes to lessen the energy they consume helps protect our environment and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. Many of our services like air sealing, duct sealing, heating and cooling equipment and insulation are all good steps toward lessening your footprint.

Q: Are there any incentives to help offset the cost of my home improvements?
A: There are currently many utility-based cash incentives available to assist with home efficiency upgrades. Often times, our service recommendations will be covered by these incentives. More so, as a trade ally partner of the Energy Trust of Oregon, Day Energy is very familiar with the incentive structures and program updates. We are happy to assist with any questions or concerns you may have in regards to your individual situation.

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