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The practice of protecting a building and its interior from the elements, particularly from precipitation and wind to reduce energy consumption and optimize energy efficiency.

Common Air Leaks
Does your home have these common leaks? How much is it costing you?

Home Energy Audits Work
Discover the benefits of home weatherization. You’ll be sure to find more than one reason!

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You Could Be Losing Up To 30% Of Your Heat

So you just bought that super high efficiency heating or cooling system and you’re excited about the energy you’ll save and the improvement to your home comfort.  You probably don’t know that you may not get the efficiency you’re expecting IF you haven’t had your ductwork evaluated.

When it comes to your home heating and cooling you want to take a whole system approach and that means including the ductwork.  Your heating and air conditioning ducts have an important role to play in your home.  They deliver the temperature-controlled air throughout your home to make it more comfortable in both hot and cold weather.

If those ducts aren't insulated, they could be losing as much as 20 percent to 30 percent of that comfortable, temperature-controlled air through leaks. That means your system will have to work a lot harder to maintain a consistent temperature, which in turn means higher utility bills for you.

How does heat loss occur? Duct-related energy loss typically occurs in two ways:

  • First, the seams between two sections of ducts or in angled joints may not be properly sealed. That means air can leak out every time your system runs.
  • Second, as hot or cool air travels through your home, it's in constant contact with walls of the ducts. In most cases, ducts travel through unheated or uninsulated spaces like basements, crawlspaces or exterior walls. As air travels through the ducts, the surrounding hot or cold air comes in contact with the duct walls, causing the air inside the ducts to change temperature.

Our years of experience in the weatherization field have served us well, call us today for a free site assessment and learn about the most effective approach to a more energy efficient and comfortable home.

Most people think upgrading to a new, more efficient furnace is all they need to do to get the most value for their heating or cooling dollar. But a heating and cooling system isn't just your furnace or heat pump – it also includes your ducts, and if you fail to properly insulate them, you're sure to be losing money.

Maximize efficiency and savings with insulated ducts. No one wants to throw money away, but if you have uninsulated ductwork in your home, that's exactly what you're doing. The first step toward conserving energy and saving money is to have your duct system evaluated.

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